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10 MUST have Promotional Products on your Product Catalog in 2018

Promotional products are a great way for businesses to promote their brand. As a promotional product distributor having your finger on the pulse of the latest trends can also impact your sales in a big way. It is important to keep in mind the latest trends prevailing in the corporate sector. And the best way to do that is to understand the trends which directly comes from the mouth and buying patterns of the clients. From traditional giveaways like cups and mugs to Tech savvy gadgets such as Kronies, we have prepared a list of the promotional products which are in trend this year.

Most trending Promotional Products that deserves a place in your product catalog


Koozies are cute and trendy. For brands and companies looking for cost effective products, Koozies are the best since it is also something easy to hand it over to customers. Koozies works as can coolers and serve as a great promotional product for your clients planning a giveaway especially in the summers when people love to have something which relieves their throat. Pick up a Koozie, add graphics and logo to one side and a catchy phrase to other. All these makes Koozies one of the most popular and affordable promotional product of 2018.

Kronies or Wireless Earbuds

Everybody loves Tech gadgets. The reason being they are ever evolving and very useful. Kronies is one such useful product which offers multiple options to the users. One can make calls, listen to music and carry out multiple tasks. Kronies or wireless earbuds are compatible with both luxury phones such as iPhone 7 and conventional phones. If your clients are looking for something compact, durable & useful, Kronies fits the bill.

Apparels (but with a twist)!

Everybody is familiar with the conventional apparels such as polos and dress shirts. But why not to suggest your clients to give something which people would like to wear outside their workplace as well? And this is where promotional marketing trend of 2018 comes into the picture. Integrating a cool graphic with company’s logo onto an item like t-shirts or pullovers instead of using only company’s logo would serve the purpose. Incorporating features like moisture absorbing clothing items with odour control would be more than just great.


“What is a Bumpster?” you might be boggling. A bumpster is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that produces a strong, crisp sound to give the pleasure to the ears. This killer gadget comes with a reachable battery with a life of 10+ hours.

Survival tool kit

This tool is THE product of all times. It is 15 in one tool. Some of the features are:-

  • Knife edge
  • Can opener
  • Ruler
  • Screwdriver

Sounds cool.. Right?

Lucite Tray

Everybody loves to decorate their homes. Lucite trays are a great option for serving meals, treats or cocktails. They can also be placed on the office desk as an organizer.

Virtual Reality Headset

The very concept of Virtual Reality helps to conduct a 360* virtual tour, one-on-one engagement, and interactive commercials. Your clients can really hop on the virtual reality marketing trend by giving away Virtual Reality Headsets. The VR sets are compatible with both iPhone and Android. Users can use the headset with any of the virtual reality apps on their smartphones. VR headset is surely one of the most talked about promotional product of 2018.

Corks are in!

Cork has a lot of buzz in the corporate sector in terms of cool giveaways. Cork is a highly emerging trend and is bound to stay throughout 2018. If your clients are looking for some stylish merchandise, then cork is a must-have. Use your logo on drinkware, journals, USB drives, bottles etc. Cork looks beautiful at the same time being eco-friendly, durable and anti-microbial.


These rugged 23-quart personal carrying coolers can serve either as a cooler, backpack or even as a tote bag. It has an additional layer of insulation which keeps the stuff away from the sun’s direct rays. These bags are ideal to carry almost anything.

Outdoor inspired products

Cups, mugs and water bottles are conventional. Why not to think out of the box? If you clients want to go a step further, they can count on to adventurous products such as Fishing excursions, field days, camping and boat equipment. Also, adding picnic chairs, picnic blankets etc would enhance the overall feel.

Moving forward

These trends would give your client’s marketing strategy a new tangent. All it needs is to plan and execute a well-crafted promotional product for an awesome marketing strategy.


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