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14 Industries with record spends on Promotional Products

1. Education Institutes

To establish their identity, Public schools, Colleges, Universities and Private Educational Institutes rely much on the promotional products.
Back to school goodies such as bags, water bottles etc. are ideal popular amongst businesses who want to connect with the local audience.

2. Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the most competitive industries there is. In order to stay at the top of their customers’ minds, promotional giveaways play an important role. Ensuring prospective buyers walk away with your logo beautifully displayed on a promotional product gives you that extra advantage over the competition.

3. Healthcare

Hospitals, doctor offices, medical facilities, and medical supply companies often have their logos imprinted on paper bags and pills boxes, pens and more to remind their patients to stay in good health.

4. Automobile Industry

Auto dealers, auto parts suppliers, body shops, mechanics, and oil change shops often keep promotional giveaways handy so that they can give it to all those who come in. This helps their consumers to remember their services.

5. Government Bodies

Government agencies use promotional giveaways to help build a positive connection with those who utilize their services.

6. Non-Profit

Non-Profit organizations such as charities, awareness groups, and other non-profit organizations give promotional products to help attract more donors and community support.

7. Club & Retreats

Civic bodies and club associations work to keep a healthy relationship with their members. Promotional products they provide give members a positive feeling and reminders which can help them to devote more time to the association.

8. Insurance

Insurance companies, adjusters and agents are often in search of people who can utilize their services. Promotional giveaways help them to attract people with whom they can establish a relationship.

9. Finance Industry

Stockbrokers and banks use promotional products are looking to build a long-term relationship with their customers. Pens, card holders, diaries, and keychains are some of the top giveaways used by this industry.

10. Media Houses

Broadcast and print media along with advertising and PR firms mainly give promotional products as recognition of excellent work.

11. Hospitality

Hotels and motels work to help their customers remember their services. Pens, notepads, magnets are just some of the promotional products this industry uses.

12. Travel

Airlines, cruise lines, bus agencies uses photo frames, mugs, tote bags and more to attract more customers along with retaining their current customer base.

13. Manufacturers and Distributors

Pharmaceutical supply, chemical supply and office supply manufacturers are always in need of people who can buy their items in bulk. Their favourite giveaways are mainly office stationery products such as pen stands, calculators, scissors, organizers, and journals.

14. Working Professionals

IT professionals, lawyers, and accountants are just a few of the working professionals who make regular use of promotional products to advertise their services.


Businesses who offer promotional products can expect a long-term relationship with their clients. Promotional products bring recognition and optimum exposure to their brand.


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