Promotional Products Industry Facts

15 Interesting Promotional Products Industry Facts in 2018

Promotional products have been a part of marketing and promoting a brand since decades now and it has still not lost its sheen since then. The beauty of this marketing tool is that it can benefit and cater to a business of any size and with any budget. Since we are now approaching the end of this year, here we have put together some of the interesting promotional products industry facts for you.

  1. With 32% of product sales from this category, wearable tech is the most popular industry trend this year.
  2. Environment friendly products are gaining traction since it enhances a brand value with the ‘feel good’ factor associated with it.
  3. Brands giving eco-friendly products get a 40% higher favorable opinion from its users.
  4. Technology such as power banks products are considered to be the most valuable promo product by users.
  5. 60% consumer showed readiness to work with a business which gives power bank as a promo product.
  6. Customized packaging is the new strategy to make the brand stand out.
  7. Scarves, ponchos and socks are new popular products in the apparel category.
  8. T-shirt is the most popular product offered.
  9. 73% of people use promotional products at least once a week
  10. 58% of consumers will keep a promotional products for 1-4 years
  11. 50% of people never use the calendar function on their phone as often as on their wall or desk.
  12. 80% consumers own between 1-10 promotional products.
  13. Promotional bags are the most viewed promotional products with an average of 6000 impressions.
  14. 89% of consumers remember the name of the brand they received the promotional products from.
  15. Adding a promotional product to marketing mix increases the effectiveness of other media by 44%


Darren Benjamin
An Industry veteran, Darren is with CAMERAReadyArt for the last 18 years working along with different offerings and customer segments.

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