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Altitude Group reports increase in group revenue

AIM Smarter LLC’s parent company, Altitude Group Plc, reported that Group revenue grew by 188 percent in the 15 months ending March 31, 2020, a 12-month reporting period.

Altitude Group’s major corporate developments such as:

  • Acquiring AIM in January 2019.
  • Acquisition enabled it to integrate the platform and membership benefits base.
  • Utilizing its existing technology and developing member-requested service-level enhancements
  • 241 members utilised AIM enhanced services in the period and much more.

Though COVID-19 pandemic proved to be the most challenging time in history for many promotional products business but AIM utilized the time in recognizing the areas of need during the shutdown period and shifted to providing access to personal protective equipment products to members through its supply chain.

CEO of AIM Smarter, Nichole Stella, said, “I am incredibly proud of the work and commitment of the AIM team and the AIM Community throughout this unprecedented time Our solid financial resources enable us to remain steadfast and focused on serving the AIM Community; members, supplier partners and affiliates alike.”

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