Facilisgroup relocates its St. Louis Office

Saint Louis, Missouri based business services and technology firm, Facilisgroup, recently announced about its new headquarters at 1600 S. Brentwood Boulevard, Suite 800, in Brentwood, MO, a suburb of St. Louis.

The new office has 13,000-square-foot space space and additional amenities with a distance less than 15 miles west of the previous office.

Ashley McCune, president of Facilisgroup, said, “When we quickly found ourselves outgrowing our downtown space early in 2020, we began looking at our options.”

Ashley, further added, “We took advantage of this amazing opportunity in Brentwood and were able to renovate the space to suit both our current and future needs. We’re looking forward to the many years of continued growth, collaboration and innovation that will happen in this new office.”

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