Flywheel Brands Joins Reciprocity Road

Reciprocity Road is an alliance of distributors located across the U.S and Canada comprising approximately $230 million in promotional products spending to which Distributor Flywheel Brands, Inc. recently joined the league making Reciprocity Road an alliance of 10 distributors.

According to Perry Wehrle, MAS and Executive Director of Reciprocity Road, “With the addition of Flywheel Brands, we look forward to their sharing innovation and creativity with our partners. Over the years, they have evolved into a full-service agency-style firm.”

To this, Scott Alterman, CEO of Reciprocity Road member The Icebox added, “At Reciprocity Road, we have taken our time to find innovative distributors with an open-sourced mentality to help us grow our footprint. It is a process we do not take lightly as we continue to evolve. The Flywheel team encompasses our core values, spirit, and intangibles we look for in a partner. We are ecstatic to add Flywheel to the Reciprocity Road family.”

President Bart Simpson, said, “We are very excited to be joining Reciprocity Road!”

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