Brand Unbound

Overture Promotions Joins Brand Unbound

Waukegan, IL based distributor Overture Promotions has announced that it is a founding member of Brand Unbound.

Jo Gilley, CEO of Overture, said, “Since our launch last summer, it has been exciting to dream and work with the leaders of these amazing, accomplished distributors.”

He further added, “We share a deep commitment to creativity and customer service excellence. We already rely on each other’s expertise in our respective markets and have discovered unexpected opportunities to support each other and work together.”

Brand Unbound is a global network of promotional products agencies where Overture has been working with the five other founding members for the past year to serve shared global clients and to build integrated processes and technology to support international promotional programs.

Proudly serving CRA customers since 2005, Darren always has his eye on the big picture and is deeply dedicated to all things that deliver customer happiness.

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