Proforma Organized Virtual Event- ‘Elevate’

Proforma hosted its 2021 Virtual Elevate Event on April 6-8 which was attended by more than 800 members of the Proforma family that included 50 supplier partners.

Event aimed to provide Proforma owners, sales reps and team members with the tools and resources they need to adapt to the new virtual business environment.

“Everything about the event was top notch, from the pre-event mailer ‘Event in a Box’ to the messages behind every session,” said Brenda Angelini, owner of Houston-based Proforma Angelini + Diamond Solutions.

“We are so excited that more than 800 members of the Proforma family found it important to attend this valuable event,” said CEO Vera Muzzillo.

Muzzillo, further added, “No one could have imagined a year later we would still be reinventing the way we do business, so it’s important that we continue to communicate, network and share best practices and strategies for continued success.”

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