Thanksgiving Promo Ideas

Top 5 Promotional Products that Make People More Thankful this Thanksgiving

What a wonderful time of year, Thanksgiving day alone is enough to be grateful for. But in the spirit of the holiday, where we often over indulge, we wanted to share some great ideas which correspond quite well with this wonderful holiday. Here are 5 fool-proof product ideas sure to bring about gratitude:

1. Custom Stress Relievers:

Custom Imprinted Stress Relievers are a good Thanksgiving gift.  A few simple squeezes will halt the stress which often comes with the holiday season. Stress Relievers may not be the centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast, but they sure can be fun to play with.

2. Tote Bags:

Promotional Tote Bags are always a good promotional item. They are heavy duty so clients do not have to worry about broken shopping bags and they can even take them out in the rain. Encouraging your customers to live greener. They are great for lugging around leftovers too.

3. Small Tin of Mints:

Tins with customize mint shapes are a cool custom gift for special occasions and to delight important clients. It also helps enhance your breath after green bean casserole, turkey and most of all, garlic mashed potatoes.

4. Tall Wine Glasses:

Promotional Tall Wine Glasses with chip-resistant rolled rims are excellent Thanksgiving time products. This type of products brings family and friends together and is an excellent way to toast the holiday season.

5. A 6-Piece Steak Knife Set:

A custom 6-Piece Steak Knife Set will be an impressive addition to any kitchen. The deluxe set includes a beautiful wooden case that will wear your imprint with pride. A beautifully crafted six-piece stainless steel knife set offers an impressive display when hosting a dinner.

Thanksgiving has always been a family holiday. You and your loved ones gather around the table to enjoy delicious food and drink while celebrating the coming winter (not to mention a good deal of football). To boost the moral give your employees and clients the gift of company pride this season with a few Thanksgiving promotional products. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as custom kitchen accessories for a Thanksgiving promotion or personalized stress relievers for the sales staff, gift a high-quality Thanksgiving promotional product. Now is the best time to start planning about company holiday gifts both for your customers, employees and friends.


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