BIC Graphic North America Announces Name Change To Koozie Group

BIC Graphic North America has announced that they will be changing their name to Koozie Group, effective January 1, 2021.

Since 1969, supplier has been operating under this name then in the year 2009 they owned the Koozie brand.

According to CEO David A. Klatt Jr., “Changing to Koozie Group is a great move for us because it better explains what we aspire to be moving forward. Just mentioning the word ‘Koozie’ brings a big smile to people’s faces as it reminds them of a great event or experience in their lives. Creating that feeling is exactly what we want to do for our customers’ brands.”

Melissa Ralston, chief marketing officer at BIC Graphic NA, adds, “Our organization flourished under the BIC Graphic name for over 50 years, and we were predominantly known for writing instruments. We’ve expanded our abilities and are evolving as a company.”

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