Geiger names Gemline 2020 Production Partner of the Year

Geiger has named Lawrence, Massachusetts based supplier Gemline, its 2020 Production Partner of the Year.

According to Jo-an Lantz, Geiger President and CEO, “Our preferred production partner program is set up to benefit our production partners and our sales partners. Our sales partners have incentives to do business with our preferred partners ensuring that we reward the partners who take care of our team the best. This ensures a smooth experience for everyone, including the client.”

Gemline is already a Platinum Partner, the top tier Geiger awards to any production partner. Gemline was selected from 60 production partners as the winner after a thorough review of service, sales, product safety, and other factors including compelling new products.

Kim Beaudin, Director of Vendor Relations, noted “Gemline excelled at providing differentiated products during 2020 including high quality PPE.” Geiger sales with Gemline increased in 2020, a year where most businesses experienced a decline. “In addition to product development, they reliably provided kitting and drop shipping services.”

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