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Learn how to improve your Promo store Google Search Rankings

In today’s world, every Promo Products business dreams to appear first on Google Search Rankings, however the question is how? Launching your Promo Products Store is first step in this direction and the next key thing is to ensure that online visibility i.e. Search Engine Ranking of your Promo Store should be upright.

Now-a-days Search Ranking is becoming extremely important as 75% of visitors never scroll past the first page of search engines. Google Search Engine considers diverse methods and different algorithms to determine which website should appear first within search results.

As said, “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Every Promo Products Store business should perform an SEO audit every couple of months to analyse their online presence and visibility.

Here are some easy to follow guidelines to improve your Promo Products Store Google Search Rankings:

Go Responsive

Go Responsive
Today more than 70% of global online traffic is generated through mobile devices. Online users prefer to search products using their smartphones rather desktop computers. They are more inclined towards contacting a business having a mobile-friendly website thus it’s necessary for every Promo Products store to have responsive design. Responsive Design means the page layout will adjust according to the device resolution; however a non-responsive design will surely leave a negative impact on the rankings as well as upon customers too. Also Google Search Algorithm crawl the mobile version of every website first and use that as a perimeter to define search rankings.

Optimized Images

Optimized Image
Today’s genre is very impatient, if in case the image doesn’t download in few microseconds, the visitor would switch on to the other Promo Products store. To optimize performance and improve rankings, you should use images with minimize size possible along with descriptive alternate image text. Since Google can’t read images, it reads alternate image text to understand what the image is all about. Having or uploading images on your store without alt image text brings no contribution into search rankings. If the image doesn’t load, the alt text will be appearing to give clarity about the product.

Optimized Content

Optimized Content
Content always plays an important role in bringing a visitor to a website and engage them about your products. Content should focus upon majority of your target audience. It should comprise of simple words, precise sentences and targeted keywords to make it easy for a visitor to understand your products. Including different size headings, images for different context also improves website readability. If a visitor is not able to find what they need on your promo store in few seconds, they would probably leave the promo product store immediately. Moreover having a well-organized and designed promo product store helps visitor to find what they need, fulfil it and visit repeatedly.

Reduced Page loading speed

Reduced Page loading speed

With 40% of visitors abandoning a website which takes three seconds or more to load, every second is precious to engage your visitors and increase conversions. The average loading time for a promo Products Store should be two to three seconds, within which the visitors make their mind to stay or move on. Following are factors might be contributing in increases page loading time:

  • Slow Host: Shared hosting, poor web host delays connection request
  • Big size images: non-optimized, high resolution images which takes a long time to load
  • Uncompressed code: Phrases/Spaces in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Caching Techniques, Coding patterns etc.

Analysing the page loading speed of your Promo Products store is important. Reduced speed means better conversions.

CAMERAReadyArt offers to conduct Responsive Design Audit and Search Engine Analysis of your Promo Products Store. Please submit your store details here or call 888-956-6006.

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