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How to rock on Social Media as a Promotional Products Distributor

Social Media has managed to seep into the social fabric of the society almost all over the world. A massive 2.34bn of social network users are registered worldwide and growing with each passing day. Social networks which initially started as a platform for interacting and connecting with friends has now metamorphosed into a goldmine for marketers to get consumer attention.

Promotional products distributors can leverage the power of social media to attract more clients and build client relationships. There’s no time like the present for your social marketing get off the ground. Before you fire on all cylinders there are certain rules of thumb you should know to get your game right.

Don’t be ubiquitous

Choose and create your presence only on those platforms where your target audience is supposed to be. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are the top social media platforms with the maximum reach. LinkedIn seems to be the most suitable to connect with businesses, Facebook to share fun and informal content, Twitter for being creative in few words, Pinterest & Instagram for new product arrivals, contests and much more. Pick your best bet.

It’s not about you, it’s about them

Never ever make the mistake of using your social media page as a self-promotion tool. Don’t go all out on selling your products and services on social media. Post content which is educational and informative for your followers. Research and address to their needs rather than blaring out, how great you are doing in your business.

Your blog is your asset

Social media marketing requires a continuous source of new content and that is where your blog comes in. It’s a great strategy to divert your followers to your website by regularly sharing your blog articles on your social media pages. Do not forget that the content you share has to be educational and something your customers are interested to know about.

Make it personal

Don’t bore your followers with monotonous content. Maintain a balance of perky and informative posts on your social media profiles. Do not shy away from sharing photos of your office culture, any special activities or event participation. Try and establish a human connect with your followers where they get to know the real people behind your brand.

Social Media Contests

Incentivize your fans for getting connected to your brand. Nothing could get you more and fast attention on social media than a contest. Giveaways, freebies or promoting an offer can propel your reach and increase your fandom. Keep the steps to participate & the terms and conditions clear and easy. Announce the winners on your page and acknowledge the participants.

Post regularly & Reciprocate

Maintain a regular publishing schedule for all your social media pages. Do not overwhelm your followers with incessant posts. Engage in conversations with your followers by commenting and reciprocating to their likes or messages.

Draw attention to your pages

Show off your social presence all the places you can. Your website, emails, online catalogs or any other marketing material. Make it easy for your visitors to find you and follow you to consume the content you post or share.

Social media marketing requires diligent efforts and time however the results you get will be worthwhile. All it takes is proper planning and once it gets into your routine it will be a cake walk. Get Social today, the world is already there.

With a diverse skill set and supreme proficiency in a multitude of areas, Sean brings a forward thinking mindset to everything he does for CRA and has for over 10 years.

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