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Stran Promotional Solutions Acquires Wildman Imprints

Stran Promotional Solutions has acquired the promotional products distributor division of Wildman Business Group, Wildman Imprints. Financial details of the deal are not disclosed.

Stran Promotional Solutions will be opening a new office in Warsaw for the new team. Steve Hage will stay on as general manager of the new Stran Midwest office. Till now, Steve has been overseeing the Imprints division at Wildman.

According to the president of Stran Promotional Solutions, Andy Shape, “We are excited to be expanding our footprint across the Midwest and are thrilled to have found a team in Wildman Imprints that has a similar approach to finding creative and custom solutions to meet the needs of each and every client they service. We believe these shared values and dedicated employees will ensure a successful transition for the clients of Wildman Imprints.”

“We decided pre-COVID to re-double our efforts on growing our core business of uniform and commercial laundry services across the Midwest,” says Josh Wildman, CEO of Wildman Business Group.

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