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The Game Is On: Promotional Products Work! Week 2020 (PPW!W)

The power of promotional products and the importance of working with professionals, (PPW!W) Promotional Products Work! Week an industry’s annual event, took off on 5th October.2020.

Year 2020, marks the ninth year of PPW!W. The five-day event brings together businesses, professionals and organizations in the $24.7 billion promotional products industry. The event spreads awareness among marketers, advertisers and legislators about the value and effectiveness of the media.

According to Paul Bellantone CAE, president and CEO of PPAI, “Much of 2020 has been tough, but as we celebrate this week, recognize that our industry helps businesses rebuild, reestablish themselves in the marketplace, rebrand as needed and reclaim their market share. Those accomplishments are worth celebrating.” 

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