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The St. Regis Group acquires The Book Company’s Journal Division

The Itasca, llinios-based supplier, St. Regis Group has acquired the Journal Division of Delray Beach, Florida-headquartered The Book Company.

Roni Wright, MAS, vice president of The Book Company said, “We’ve been promoting books in the industry for 20-plus years and then, eight years ago, our team refocused its efforts to designing and selling journals as well.” The Book Company’s journal division represented half of the company’s business, with the other 50 percent accounted for by books and other published products.

Roni further added, “When the pandemic hit, we experienced a tremendous spike in orders for published books and other published products. With meetings and conferences shut down, journals took a back seat. Rather than wait out a ‘return to normal,’ St Regis Group offered us the perfect way forward.”

Guy Malk, St Regis chief marketing officer says, “As a premier go-to supplier, St Regis is constantly looking for ways to strengthen our position as an industry leader.”

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