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Vantage Apparel Launches Pop-Up Webstore Solution

Vantage Apparel has launched a pop-up webstore solution, named “the Candy Cane Store”, for the holidays to distributors that guarantee apparel shipped and delivered before the holidays.

The Candy Cane Store is e-commerce- enabled site that can live for up to 3 weeks. Distributors can purchase the same for $99. It features the top gift-giving apparel ideas for the holiday season.

Danielle Olszewski, Vantage’s webstore and digital revenue manager, said, “Just in time for holiday gift-giving, the Candy Cane Store offers buyers the freedom to choose the style, size and colour that’s perfect for them.”

Danielle further added, “Each product shows a finished, logoed visual so that the customer knows exactly what they’re getting and will enjoy the ease of purchasing—similar to what consumers would find from their favourite online retailers.”

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