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American Solutions For Business Conducts Virtual Event- ‘Thriving in 20’

American Solutions For Business along with sister company American Diversity held a virtual event named- Thriving in 20– where more than 1200 ASB salespeople and team members could schedule private 20-minute sessions with 69 selected vendor partners over a 2-week span.

Dana Zezzo, ASB’s vice president of marketing, vendor relations and events, portrays, “Just because we aren’t able to host large-scale events in person doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from virtual opportunities to connect our salespeople with our top vendor partners.”

Dana further added, “This format allowed for an inclusive, cost-effective environment that worked around all participants’ schedules.”

“The Thriving in 20 event was nothing short of extraordinary. Being able to duplicate an in-person meeting is no easy task, but ASB nailed it. ” said Tom Clouser, national account manager at BEL Promo.

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