Highlights of the Year 2019

Highlights of the Year 2019

Beginning of the year is a great time to take stock of everything we’ve done over the last twelve months – our achievements, recognition, success, failures and most importantly our learning.

Highlights of the Year 2019 info-graphics includes data of CAMERAReadyArt customers geographical demographics along with customer segregation based upon promotional-products industry participants. Vector Art and Digitizing for Embroidery continues to remain our top-picks among on-demand services with virtual/production proofs and flyers taking second place. Distributors Websites and Digital Marketing Services like Email Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing continues to be a constant demand among Distributors, Suppliers and Decorators. Our USA based customer success and support teams engaged more than 10,000 customers and prospects this year through phone, emails and live chat systems.

Let’s visit how 2019 was for CAMERAReadyArt!


Dr Anu
Focusing on maximizing efficiency at every level, Anu with expert craftsmanship makes certain to keep the ship sailing in all ways which will best serve CRA's valued clients.

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